Mauricio Avayu , a  Chilean-Jewish  artist, is currently working on   a significant project  to capture the key  moments of  the  Torah in 40 large murals. 

This  ambitious endeavor  is  expected to take  another 8-10  years to complete and  has already seen  the first eight murals  depicting Genesis displayed in Taipei .
Avayu's art is deeply influenced by his intensive study of the Torah and Kabbalah, blending Jewish mysticism with his visual interpretations. 

Each mural is a detailed  representation of biblical scenes, informed by multiple biblical  commentaries  and  interpretations. For  instance , his  depiction  of the  Tree of  Knowledge  in the  Garden of  Eden  features a  fig rather   than  the commonly depicted  apple .(https://jmoreliving.com/.../chilean-muralist-mauricio.../) .(https://jweekly.com/.../a-chilean-jewish-artist-strives.../).
In addition to his murals, Avayu has recently opened a studio in Florida , the Mauricio Avayu  Gallery and Fine Art  Academy in Aventura ,
where  he  teaches art  that integrates  lessons from the  Torah and Kabbalah .(https://www.timesofisrael.com/a-chilean-jewish-artist.../).
His work aims not only to  resonate  with Jewish   audiences  but also to educate and build bridges with non-Jewish viewers, showcasing the rich tapestry of Jewish culture and perspectives .