Mauricio Avayu


Oil on Canvas , 36 inches x 48 inches .

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The timelessness of this work compels us to travel in time, showing us that the stories are repeated again and again in an endless cycle. It could reflect an image of today, as well as a key moment thousands of years ago. The Torah in its incalculable immensity, is responsible for divinely capturing situations that are engraved in the soul. Seeing these three characters immediately remind us of Moshe opening the sea and being only a channel for Gd to guide us, his ten tsit-tsit represent the ten commandments received. On the left side of the work we have Aaron, lifting and taking off his newly hatched almond tree personifying the shepherd and spiritual guide, he is the only one of the three with the Talit on his head. On the right is Medad, who is Comfortably supported by his stick connected with the earth symbol of materiality, hoping to be given that longed wisdom to be able to detach itself as the vine needs a tutor to be able to bear fruit, magically the folds of his robe outline a Menorah that is the symbol Of the people of Israel. The text written at the top of the book details faithfully and with obsessive perfection the five paragraphs of Beshalaj of the Biblical Exodus, which relate the departure of Egypt and the embrace of freedom ....