Mauricio Avayu


"THE JERUSALEM BULL" / Mixed Media on Canvas
36 inches x 48 inches 

Mauricio Avayu's latest masterpiece, "The Jerusalem Bull," is a powerful and evocative work of art that delves deep into historical and spiritual themes. The central figure, a bull adorned in earth tones, is covered with a corroded and oxidized armor. This armor carries the inscription of Psalm 137:5-6, which poignantly declares, "If I forget you, Jerusalem..."

The background of the piece features a wall of the Temple with eight stones, symbolizing the start of a new cycle, akin to the Brit Milá, and representing infinity. Below, the floor is composed of 26 stones arranged in a sequence of 7, 7, 5, and 7. The number 26 is the gematria of the Tetragrammaton, or the name of God. Each cycle of 7 signifies one of the patriarchs, while the number 5 corresponds to the letter Hei, symbolizing Teshuvah, or the return to Hei.

"The Jerusalem Bull" is a profound reflection on the eternal connection between Jerusalem and its people, encapsulated through rich symbolism and meticulous detail. Avayu’s work not only honors historical and religious narratives but also invites viewers to contemplate the cyclical nature of spiritual journeys.