Mauricio Avayu


"LEONARDO'S PORTRAIT"/ Oil on Canvas 16 inches x 20 inches , Framed 

Mauricio Avayu's latest painting, inspired by a self-portrait drawing of Leonardo da Vinci, is a captivating blend of historical homage and modern artistic vision.
The artist skillfully incorporates turquoise green hues into the clothing, bringing a fresh vibrancy to the piece.
Avayu infuses the composition with iconic elements from Leonardo's masterpieces, including subtle details of the Mona Lisa and Salvator Mundi. These intricate inclusions create a rich tapestry of visual references that celebrate da Vinci's legacy.
In the background, Avayu portrays the Vitruvian Man as a sculpture, emphasizing the famous rivalry between Leonardo and Michelangelo. This not only adds a dynamic narrative layer but also pays tribute to the tension and competition that spurred some of the greatest artistic achievements of the Renaissance.
The painting's meticulous detail and thoughtful integration of historical elements make it a standout piece in Avayu's oeuvre. It's a powerful reminder of the enduring impact of Leonardo da Vinci and the timeless nature of artistic rivalry and inspiration.