Mauricio Avayu


"ANGEL MICHAEL" / Oil on Paper over MDF , 13" X 26"

Mauricio Avayu's painting "Angel Michael" is a striking and profound work that captures the essence of the archangel Michael in a uniquely symbolic manner. The central figure, Michael, is depicted with a lance, and the intricacies of this weapon are rich with meaning.

The number 541 inscribed on the lance holds significant weight, representing the gematria of Israel. This number is further dissected into individual
elements: the number 5 symbolizes the Hebrew letter Hei, 4 corresponds to Dalet or Delet (meaning door), and 1 signifies G-d. This numerical symbology imbues the painting with layers of spiritual and cultural significance.

Additionally, the lance features a sapphire, a reference to the sapphire-blue tablets of the law, adding another layer of depth and historical reverence to the piece. The use of such symbols not only highlights Avayu's intricate knowledge and appreciation of Hebrew numerology and history but also serves to connect the divine with the earthly through Michael's portrayal.

The dimensions of the painting, 13" x 26", are themselves symbolic, representing the 13 attributes of divine mercy and the number 26, one of the names of G-d. This thoughtful choice in dimensions further emphasizes the spiritual depth embedded in the artwork.

Overall, "Michael" is a testament to Avayu's ability to weave complex symbology into his art, creating a piece that is both visually and intellectually stimulating. The painting invites viewers to delve deeper into its meanings, making it a captivating addition to Avayu's oeuvre.

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