Mauricio Avayu


The Central work "Joseph and the Pharaoh" .
In the upper part, the dreams of the Butler with three vines and the Baker with three oan baskets are illustrated, which were interpreted by Joseph. Each story has its text below, just as it is written in a Sefer Torah.
In the center is the name of "Sesostris I", who is believed to have been the pharaoh of Joseph, since in history he kept wheat for 7 years. Behind you can see the " White Chapel of Sesostris I " .
Below are the 7 skinny cows with Sapphire eyes, which represent the highest faith and the 7 fat cows with emerald eyes, (stones that represent abundance). Joseph raises his Vav-shaped staff with his right hand, (The right column in Kabbalah means "GIVE" and lowers his left, his ego). Pharaoh raises his left (The left column in Kabbalah means "receive")