Mauricio Avayu


Taipei Torah Mural Explanation of the three pieces  : 

These three works are the last of a total of 8 (Corresponding to Bereishit) and of a grand total of 40 panels that would make up the Chumash or the 5 books of Moses ( each book has 8 panels ). Each panel size is 2 meters x 1.25 meters . Is the same math proportion of the  Luchot of the 10 commandments  , that was 2.5 elbows x 1.5 elbows , so in each panel you can see the Ark Sacred Proportion that G-d gave to Moses .
Also 40 is a holy number ( 40 days and nights for the deluge of Noah , 40 days and nights to receive the Torah , and 40 years in the desert  )   . These 40 panels will show on  a circle shape of aprox 8 mts of ratio   , so we can join the first panel with the last . The first letter in the Torah is a Bet, and the last is a Lamed .
The first panel starts with  a Bet  ( first letter of Bereishit ) , the last panel ends with a lamed ( last letter of Israel ) , so when you join the first panel Number # 1 with the last panel number # 40 , you can read LV 
( Lev that means Heart, that means that  all Torah is a  Heart).
The 8 is a holy number too , it is the beginning of each cycle ( Brit Mila is a start in this world , a week ends on the  7 day ,  it starts on the 8 day ) .

It is illustrated from right to left ( Like the Hebrew writing ) , that means that the work on the left is the ' last of the book of Bereshit , that is why on the top left you can see a large letter MEM of Mitzrayim , already which is the last word of Bereshit.

This Left panel roughly shows the symbols  that according to the Torah represent each of the twelve tribes of Israel, each one contains the sign of the Zodiac that corresponds to it (the origin of the 12 signs of the zodiac comes from the 12 tribes), as well as the element and the stones or crystals that the Kohanim carried in their chest (Yehuda carries two Jacinto crystals since he was the one who led the rest of the tribes. In Yehuda's name you can notice a small triangle that points to the letter "Dalet'', this is because Dalet and Delet (door) represent the same word, that is, "Yehuda would be the" Door to
In addition, 10 sapphires can be counted (for the 10 commandments in the Lujot, which were made of blue sapphire). These will also be illustrated in Yehuda's necklace that bears the letter Hey that represents him. There are also 13 Emeralds, for the 13 attributes of G-d's Mercy.
Like a Vitraux the text in the Torah, which talks about Yehuda and the tribes.
Yehuda's staff, has the shape of a letter "VAV", which represents the connection between both worlds and in its center it has 3 letters "IUD", corresponding to the name of God that represents the Blessings in life, (so it was for Yosef's brothers when they came to Egypt) .